🎼Rainbow- Arcobaleno

(EN) It is said that South Africa is “the Rainbow Nation”, any colour there. Today the black hue by Miriam Makeba (remixed)😉…have a nice day bloggers

(IT) Si dice che il Sudafrica sia la “Nazione Arcobaleno”, ogni colore li. Oggi la tonalità nera di Miriam Makeba (remixate) 😉… buona giornata bloggers


Click📸: rejected

(EN) Street photography, The Beatles, rejected people and war, many wars. In short, Don McCullin 😉…have a nice day bloggers

(IT) Street photography, i Beatles, emarginati e guerra, molte guerre. In breve, Don McCullin 😉… buona giornata bloggers

🎨 From the walls- Dai muri

(EN) Graffiti and Street art from the walls to museums and exhibitions.In short, Jean Michel Basquiat😉…have a nice day bloggers

(IT) Graffiti e Street art dai muri ai musei e alle mostre. In breve, Jean Michel Basquiat😉… buona giornata bloggers

🎨Fields- Campi

(EN) Simply “color field(s)”.Don’t expect more from Helen Frankenthaler😉… have a nice day bloggers

(IT) Semplicemente campi di colori(color field). Non aspettatevi altro da Helen Frankenthaler😉… buona giornata bloggers