Reading- Lettura

(EN) Some books are not made for reading😉…have a nice day bloggers

(IT) Alcuni libri non sono fatti per la lettura😉…buona giornata bloggers


Author: forthemo art

Hi,I'm just myself: a human being like you.I like watching,listening,sense and observe the amazing beauty of things. Ciao,sono solo me stessa:un essere umano come te.Mi piace guardare,ascoltare, percepire e osservare la stupefacente bellezza delle cose.

8 thoughts on “Reading- Lettura”

      1. exactly – and when i taught art – sometimes the middle schoolers would use old paper back books and make little flip books with them – making stick figures in the corners – and slowly having the stick figures dance and flip – but nothing like this MJ moonwalking stuff – ha

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