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(EN) This week just One video about “What is art”. Someone said “art is subjective” and someone said “art is life”. Water also is life and this my” subjective” water😉. Oil painting by forthemo…have a nice day bloggers

PS What I learn this week: any post, any picture or painting has is own story and that comes from the author and from the eyes of the people, like this:Lady by the River

(IT) Questa settimana solo Un video riguardo” Cos’è l’arte”. Qualcuno ha detto “l’arte è soggettiva” e qualcuno ha detto” l’arte è vita” . L’acqua è anche vita e questa la mia acqua “soggettiva”😉. Pittura ad olio di forthemo… buona giornata bloggers

PS Quello che ho imparato questa settimana: ogni post, ogni immagine, ogni quadro ha la sua storia e questa deriva dall’autore e dagli occhi delle persone, così: Lady by the River

Published by forthemo art. (new normal)

Hi,I'm just myself: a human being like you.I like watching,listening,sense and observe the amazing beauty of things. Ciao,sono solo me stessa:un essere umano come te.Mi piace guardare,ascoltare, percepire e osservare la stupefacente bellezza delle cose.

10 thoughts on “Water

  1. Oh my good ness – you touched my heart forthemo!
    Seeing the book mentioned brought a tear – and maybe just because it is late (off to sleep now) and it has been a rich emotion week to finally plug the book – and I will share more in an upcoming post- but thank you thank you for that.

    But before that surprise came – I was also feeling a connection with the “Art is life” and how you depicted your take on water is life –
    – and then your thoughts about the way am artist views their work versus what the viewer (or art critic) sees –
    And I have this old art book opened on my dining room table (from 1972 and it was being discarded by the library – so I rescued it – /-and was going to maybe use the images for a class – like tear out the pages – ) but! Started reading it and oooo la la! Love the author – and so recently I read a section about what you mentioned here (and we have sorta vibe there before – like when I asked you about a piece) anyhow – I will try and come back next week and share the author and a snippet (.you might know the book – but it was new to me)

    1. (EN) I will tell you If I know that book… That week your book caught my curiosity , so why not to link it? 😉 Thanks for visiting and sleep well, Y
      (IT) Ti dirò se conosco il libro…
      Quella settimana il tuo libro ha catturato la mia curiosità, quindi perché non linkarlo?😉 Grazie per la visita e buon riposo, Y

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