🔎 Red cup- Tazza rossa

(EN) The science of tea 😉…have a nice day bloggers

(IT) La scienza del tè 😉… buona giornata bloggers

Author: forthemo art

Hi,I'm just myself: a human being like you.I like watching,listening,sense and observe the amazing beauty of things. Ciao,sono solo me stessa:un essere umano come te.Mi piace guardare,ascoltare, percepire e osservare la stupefacente bellezza delle cose.

6 thoughts on “🔎 Red cup- Tazza rossa”

      1. and thought of you – earlier today the water was way too hot – and my tea had the film this video was talking about (crazy when things connect so fast from blog to real life)

    1. (EN) Yes😊, crazy or funny connection between real life and blog. Thanks for sharing your cup of tea and next time taste tea adding lemon instead of milk…it won’t happen so😉
      (IT) Si😊, pazzo o divertente correlazione tra vita reale e blog. Grazie per la condivisione della tua tazza di tè e la prossima volta gusta il te aggiungendo limone anziché latte…non accadrà così😉

      1. I do like lemon – but much prefer a little unsweetened almond milk and tablespoon of butter – well in black tea I do – and I think it was the water being too hot (as your video suggested)
        But lemon is so great in general so I should maybe try to add that a little more

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