🎨 3+3+2 = Mondrian

(EN) 3 primary colours (red,blue,yellow), 3 primary values ( black,grey,white), 2 primary directions(vertical,horizontal): P. Mondrian’s simple geometry 😉…have a nice day bloggers

(IT) 3 colori primary (rosso,blu,giallo), 3 valori (nero,grigio,bianco), 2 direzioni principali (verticale, orizzontale): semplice geometria di P.Mondrian😉… buona giornata bloggers

Author: forthemo art. (#COVID19 version)

Hi,I'm just myself: a human being like you.I like watching,listening,sense and observe the amazing beauty of things. Ciao,sono solo me stessa:un essere umano come te.Mi piace guardare,ascoltare, percepire e osservare la stupefacente bellezza delle cose.

12 thoughts on “🎨 3+3+2 = Mondrian”

  1. Thanks for this video – love it and think I’ve seen s similar one but tomorrow I will check it out and let you know
    And guess what – I was just loooing up Mondrian – and have a Mondrian-like photo to show you (will share it Sunday)

    1. (EN) Welcome and thanks too Y. Waiting for your Mondrian-like photo, then😊
      (IT) Prego e grazie anche a te Y.Aspetto la tua foto simile a Mondrian allora 😊

      1. And not just saying this – but I thought of you when I added that part into my sunday tree post thought of how you said art mode after previous book mode –
        Oh… the ever evolving interests for some of us!
        Hope you have a nice Tuesday forthemo-hues

      2. (EN) I understood you meant that and I loved it. I didn’t comment because I should write a poem about this and that’s not my mode😉 Have a nice day too Y😊
        (IT) Avevo capito che intendevi quello e mi è piaciuto molto.Non ho commentato perché dovevo scrivere un poema a riguardo e non è la mia modalità 😉 Buona giornata Y😊

    1. (EN) I read your post,original indeed! I think you are an artist too.Thanks for stopping by( Dankie! 😉)
      (IT) Ho letto il tuo post, davvero originale! Penso sia un artista anche tu. Grazie per essere passato (Dankie!😉)

    1. (EN) There are many videos like this, usually I select the most expressive.Thanks Y for stopping by😊
      (IT) Ci sono molti video come questo,di solito seleziono il piú espressivo.Grazie Y per essere passata 😊

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